A little tip

I’m a feed addict, always checking google reader & Viigo on my phone, on my desktop and on my laptop when i get the chance. The problem has been that there are more articles than I have time to read and when I move between computers, I lose the articles I marked in one. I also try to limit myself to 30 minutes of feeds in the morning.

I tab click each of the interesting articles to create a new tab with the article I want to read in firefox

As I read each article, I close the tabs

When I run out of time, I create a single bookmark (Cntrl+Shift+D in windows) of all the remaining tabs in firefox calling it Today

Finally, I use Foxmarks to synchronize between multiple desktops so now, regardless of where I am, I can read the articles I’ve marked.

You could also do this by starring the articles but I find that I almost never go back to the starred articles and this method allows me to open the articles themselves, not just the feed.

What do you think?


One response to “A little tip

  1. i have the same problem. a feed junkie as well, and having to pass on reading something right at that moment. i tend to star…or leave as unread so i can get back to them. i’m using the delicious firefox extension for my bookmark synchronizations…works pretty well. you can probably do the same thing (tag as today or something like that).

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