Collecting examples of good storytelling

My friend and I are working on a new product + platform in the wireless presentation space and I need to finish up the semester’s work by creating concept boards. I would love to do a quick video to explain the product but besides the time involved in creating them, I’d like a more portable way of describing our 3 concepts in this space.

Do any of you have suggestions or examples of places where you’ve seen a product explained clearly and concisely? If so, please post in the comments as I’m sure other would like to know.

2 responses to “Collecting examples of good storytelling

  1. One of my favorites is

    It reminds me of the UPS “whiteboard” commercials. I am not sure about the costs.

  2. Good call on the commoncraft, and thanks for the advice. We’ll try one of those definitely… It doesn’t take a long time to do and is pretty effective.

    Here’s some other stuff we should check out Sri…

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