Shards of identity

I recently received an email from a friend who I had lost touch with 8 years ago. He and I were in the same architecture class at Berkeley (I was a EECS major – go figure) and we worked on an animation project together. I got to know him and his family well and at the end of school, he had to move back to Egypt.

Last night, I got an email from him saying that he’d tracked me down, even though I had moved to Boston. The funny thing was, he had the right email but I was no longer in Boston, having moved to Chicago a year and half ago to attend ID. That experience got me thinking about my presence on the web and I realized it was like the broken shards of a mirror, disparate and reflecting slightly different parts of you to the web and so anyone looking for you, might find your identity in the past.

These broken shards of me reflect a person from different points in time and I have quite a few. From the daily updates on twitter, to the 6 month old picasa photo albums, the friendster profile long forgotten, the facebook profile who’s only purpose is to update my status, my linked in network rarely used, my portfolio page rarely visited, these numerous instances of me are spread all over (not to mention the google trails of me back to high school).

So, my summer project is to try and find a way to consolidate all of them in to a meaningful whole – one site that reflects my interests, activities and passions. I’m guessing there’s nothing out there right now that will accomplish this but I’ll start looking and let you know if I find something.

2 responses to “Shards of identity

  1. friendfeed is a start…

  2. Good point – I haven’t checked it out yet but been hearing a lot about it.

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