User centered design

This weekend, I found myself explaining what the Institute of Design is about to quite a large number of people. I was at a friend’s wedding in Bolton, MA and this friend had just graduated from Wharton. As you can imagine, the crowd at the wedding had a ton of ivy league business types and when the usual set of introductions went around and I said, “Institute of Design“, they all went huh?

So here’s a quick little video snippet of one company using user centered design to develop a unique product in the medical space.

User centered design of course isn’t just about developing new products. The methods and frameworks can be applied to developing new services, identifying opportunities within existing markets, identifying customer pain points and a whole host of other strategic activities.


2 responses to “User centered design

  1. At least you didn’t get all self indulgent and explain how the MBA is increasingly irrelevant… 🙂

    “So the critics are right, the MBA is in crisis—because it selects for and cultivates traits and skills that are increasingly vacuous and superfluous. The markets are right in that the dominance-hierarchies and markets of today need one more selection engine. Out of this tension arises the opportunity for designing the thinker of the future. Let the design work begin.”

  2. These debates have raged for a long time and I see no end to them and honestly, articles like the one above are interesting to read but meaningless when it comes to applying that to your life. Much like the debate of what is “design thinking” or defining “innovation”. Academically interesting but practically irrelevant.

    My belief is that if you find value from the set of methods and tools that an MBA teaches, then you should do it, regardless of which talking head predicts the MBA’s demise. The same of course goes for any other degree.

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