Ahh – Only if I had searched google for micro productivity

A quick search on google – and what do i find, but this post..

According to a McKinsey & Company study of US economic activity, “Raising the productivity of employees whose jobs can’t be automated is the next big performance challenge.” The study argues that “as more companies come to specialize in core activities and outsource the rest, they have greater need for workers who can interact with co-workers, partners, and vendors,” supported by highly personalized organizing and communication tools. 40 percent of labor activity, says McKinsey, comes not from making things or from traditional transactions but from what the consultancy calls the “Interaction Economy,” which it defines as the “searching, coordinating, and monitoring required to exchange goods or services.” This interaction economy emphasizes collaboration, social intelligence, tacit knowledge, and ambiguity, as much as it values workers’ ability to make individual decisions quickly and organize tasks and time efficiently — in a nutshell: it puts a much stronger focus on the non-formalized, individual productivity or “micro-productivity” of employees. McKinsey says that this area of productivity involves the highest-priced labor of the most valued knowledge workers and yet remains the hardest to measure and manage.

They stole my word! I don’t know why McKinsey insists on clouding it’s statements with jibberish – After reading all that, all you are left with is that micro-productivity is = individual productivity. Great.

I think my usage is much better – small steps made each day/week towards the completion of each of your goals = micro productivity.

I’m sure somewhere, GTD guys are bemoaning my lack of organization and prioritization but I just cant seem to behave any other way.


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