Is it ADD or micro-productivity?

I was lying in bed, reading my latest book when I realized that this was in fact, the 4th book I had started and was in the midst of. I thought about this for a second and realized it wasn’t just books I was so ADD about. Here’s current what I’ve been doing this week in slices of 15-30 minutes.

  • Reading the 4 books I mentioned (The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria, Test Fire by Ben Bova, Sketching User Experience by Bill Buxton and Heaven & Hell – War diary of a german paratrooper by Martin Poppel)
  • Writing 6 blog posts – drafts – none have been published
  • 4 company ideas this week – in various stages of planning (can’t reveal these)
  • 6 pc games that I was alternating between (Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes, Total War 2, Crysis, Rise of Nations, Sins of Solar Empire – can’t you tell I like strategy?)
  • 3 business school classes (no choice there)
  • 1 full time job (same as above)
  • 3 HBO series I was watching (Sopranos, Wire & Generation Kill)

Is this ADD or can I coin a better sounding term for this – micro-productivity. I like the latter much better.

2 responses to “Is it ADD or micro-productivity?

  1. still gaming huh? nice. i LOVE the wire…and have been curious about generation kill. how do you like it?

  2. I’m slicing my gaming periods into 15-30 minute chunks and using them as reward sessions for completing my case studies. I even set alarms to make sure I don’t go completely overboard.

    Generation Kill seems like a very good show. I’m guessing that if you liked the Wire, you’ll like GK. Fast paced, lots of action but great character development.

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