I’m just occupying a box in a hierarchy

I’m sitting in a fascinating first lecture on organizational behavior, learning about Max Weber. Interesting fellow and characterised the success of institutions through the existence of bureaucracy which he described as having:

  1. Hierarchy – things are ordered
  2. Rules – strict rules govern each interaction
  3. Formal – distinct process exists
  4. Rigid- the structure doesn’t change

A famous Max Weber quote as narrated by professor Giesler, “Cemetaries are filled with people who thought they were irreplaceable”. Weber wanted to remove the individual from consideration and only believed in the structure, positions and processes. Since humans were mortal, and would die, the institutions would continue to exist if new people could be brought in to new roles (the box in the hierarchy). Now, the box, and hierarchy becomes important, not the person.

I have to read more about him, seems fascinating.


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