Airline Innovation

I wrote this post in response to a wired article about black boxes.

After having watched numerous Air Emergency shows, I feel that what’s really missing in the cockpit are simple cameras that look out over the airplane, highlighting sections like the wing, engines, tail section etc.

What struck me the most was that pilots were only relying on instruments and the external view to the front of the plane to guide their behavior. In addition, what they should have had is a “gods view” of their plane – so that they could see exactly what was happening. There were so many episodes where passengers were seeing flames shooting out of the engines, but the pilot had no view of them and ended up making bad decisions because of the lack of visual information.

2 responses to “Airline Innovation

  1. I agree with ur opinion. There’s a need for taking pilot’s perspective when developing fail-safe systems..

  2. Hey Sriram,

    I’m reminded of a video I saw when the Airbus 380 was in the media a bunch showing a tail-mounted camera that almost provides the “god’s eye view” you mention.

    Totally agree, seems like this information could be invaluable to pilots – and how expensive are cameras like these anyways?

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