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A little tip

I’m a feed addict, always checking google reader & Viigo on my phone, on my desktop and on my laptop when i get the chance. The problem has been that there are more articles than I have time to read and when I move between computers, I lose the articles I marked in one. I also try to limit myself to 30 minutes of feeds in the morning.

I tab click each of the interesting articles to create a new tab with the article I want to read in firefox

As I read each article, I close the tabs

When I run out of time, I create a single bookmark (Cntrl+Shift+D in windows) of all the remaining tabs in firefox calling it Today

Finally, I use Foxmarks to synchronize between multiple desktops so now, regardless of where I am, I can read the articles I’ve marked.

You could also do this by starring the articles but I find that I almost never go back to the starred articles and this method allows me to open the articles themselves, not just the feed.

What do you think?